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Then - Youth

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Christmas Day in the Forest Gate Workhouse - 24 Dec 2013
The Forest gate weekly News published an account of Christmas Day in the Industrial School, Forest Lane in 1896.  It is reproduced here.




Forest Gate Industrial School fire: New Year's day 1890 - 30 May 2014
A contemporary account of the tragic fire that killed 26 youngsters in the fire at the Industrial School on Forest lane on New Year's Day 1890.

Forest Gate Industrial school - The 1890 inquest and background to its 1906 closure - 2 January 2017
An account of the inquest at the fire (see above), and details from Will Crooks biography of his and other socialists'roles in the closure of the school in 1906.

A history of the plot of land on Forest lane from the mid 1850s, when it was opened as a Poor Law Industrial school, through its subsequent life as a hospital and now a housing development (Gladys Dimson House).

From Chapel to ...? - 23 Sept 2015
One of Forest gate's most historic buildings is currently in a sorry state of repair at the junction of Woodgrange Road and Forest Gate lane: it has been a chapel, school, club, cinema, glass merchants, restaurant, drugs den - and much more.  This is its story.


Godwin School ( boys ) log 1 - 1883 - 1984, the origins - 13 January 2017
The first of a series of a look at local life, through the eyes of the school log of Godwin school.

Godwin School ( boys ) log 2 - Godwin and Forest Gate pre WW1 (1900 - 1914) - 30 January 2017
The second of a series of a look at local life, through the eyes of the school log of Godwin school.

e connections, including ownership of the Upper Cut club.

He's one of our own - Ronnie Lane - 31 March 2016
A potted biography of Forest Gate's Ronnie Lane - bassist of the Small Faces and later Faces.

The Home Front in WW1 Forest Gate - through the eyes of Godwin school - 21 March 2017
The third of a series of a look at local life, through the eyes of the school log of Godwin school.







Origins of formal education in Forest Gate - 18 January 2016
An article examining the pre-state education roots of schools (religiously backed) in Forest Gate, and their subsequent fates.




Schools' report part 1 - 21 Oct 2013
A look at the Ofsted judgments of Forest Gate's primary schools (state and independent).

Secondary schools report - 14 Nov 2013
A look at the Ofsted judgments of Forest Gate's secondary schools (state and independent).

Sound of Music from Earlham Grove - 19 Jun 2013
Development of the world famous Tonic Sol-Fa system of music education, from its origins in Earlham Grove under John Curwen.

Story of St Angela's school - 23 May 2016
A look at the 150+ years history of this cornerstone of high quality Catholic education in Forest Gate.



Ups and downs of Forest Gate schools 2015 Ofsted ratings - 4 December 2015

A look at the Ofsted ratings for Forest Gate schools, comparing them with previous judgments.

Upstairs, downstairs in Forest Gate: 1881 - 16 Jul 2013
Who lived in Claremont Road at the time of the 1881 census.  Abouty hald of houses had live-in servants.


When Godwin school went to Paris - 1912 - 27 February 2017
A diary account of a Godwin school trip to a music festival in Paris, in 1912.





1919 Forest Gate murders - 8 March 2017

Henry Perry (aka Beckett) was hanged in the summer of 1919 for killing four members of a Forest Gate family earlier that year.  This is the story - was it a miscarriage of justice?

7Es of E7 - 19 Oct 2014
A round up of Education, Ecology, Energy, Entertainment, Epicurian delights, Engine and End in Forest Gate.

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