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Ben Drew

Plan B for excluded kids - launch of the new charity Each on Teach One, run by Forest Gate's local rapper, Plan B, aka Ben Drew (May 2013)

Ben Drew

Bryan Forbes

    Bryan Forbes, visiting former
     Forest Gate school


Forest Gate - the New Hollywood Two major Hollywood films - on the life of Nelson Mandela and The White House butler - star local Forest Gate actors. Read about them and their local connections here. (February 2014)

Forest Gate boy Chiwetel Eijofer,
holding aloft award for his cinematic
 portayal of Nelson Mandela


    Radio NuSound Catch up with Forest Gate's local community radio station, based in Durning Hall, and hear about bike building in Forest Gate (April 2014)

    Radio NuSound Another appearance on Forest Gate's local radio station, this time discussing the significance and impact of Woodgrange Road's Upper Cut club (May 2014)

    Swing Patrol

    Swing Patrol has recently become a dance craze and phenomena, in Britain. It is run by Forest Gate-based Scott Cupit, and holds regular classes in Durning Hall. This is an interview with Scott, and features his success on TV's Dragon's Den, and other TV programmes. (Oct 2014) 
    Swing Patrol's Scot Cupit,
     after breakfast in CoffeE7

    Wag Bennett

    Wag Bennett's Gym exhibition - a poster for, and brief comment by Jim Valentine, the exhibitor, on an display of artifacts and art inspired by them, rescued from the Wag Bennett gym on Romford Road, before it closed (June 2013)

Jim Valentine's Wag Bennett exhibition

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  1. This is a great site. I have been involved in music in this area for around 20 years and now run Newham Ukes. I wonder if you may be interested in our 'doings'.


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