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Educating Arnie: The Terminator on Forest Gate - 15 July 2015
Arnold Schwarzenegger remembers his time in Forest Gate - extracts from his autobiography.


Forest Gate - a local anthem! - 1 Jan 2014
Details of those performing at the Upper Cut club in the two Decembers in which it was open - 1965 and 1966, together with details of Lester Sterling's record: "Forest Gate rocks".

Forest Gate's very own radio station - 17 May 2014
NuSound 92 FM broadcasts from Durning Hall - hear about bike building in Forest Gate here!

Forest Gate swings - 16 Oct 2014
Swing Patrol's inspiration, Scott Cupit is a Forest Gate resident.  This is an interview with him, and a look at the successes, locally, nationally and internationally of the organisation he founded.

Forest Gate: the new Hollywood? - 18 Feb 2014
Four of Holywood's greatest talents have firm Forest Gate connections - and Alfred Hitchcock was born not too far away!


He's one of our own - Ronnie Lane - 31 March 2016
A potted biography of Forest Gate's Ronnie Lane - bassist of the Small Faces and later Faces.



Kenny Johnson and the Lotus Club - 17 Sept 2014
The Upper Cut ran for a year. Kenny Johnson ran the Lotus Club, directly opposite it for around 50 years.  It had its highs and lows, but a great set of line ups in the 1960's.  Kenny talks about his days here.


Life in a Forest Gate week - 16 November 2016

An listing of all weekly, organised, social events taking place in Forest Gate.



Plan B for excluded kids - 8 May 2013
Forest Gate's Ben Drew, otherwise known as Plan B launches his own charity Each One, Teach One, aimed at kids, who like himself struggled with authority in schools.

Public art in Forest Gate - 14 May 2016
The origins and history of the few pieces of public art of distinction within E7.

Public monuments in Forest Gate - 6 May 2016
The origins and history of the few public monuments of distinction within E7.


Radio E7! - 9 April 2014
NuSound 92 FM broadcasts from Durning Hall - hear about it here!





Wag Bennett's gym exhibition - 7 Jun 2013
Notice of an exhibition celebrating Wag Bennett's famous Romford Road gym.





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  1. This is a great site. I have been involved in music in this area for around 20 years and now run Newham Ukes. I wonder if you may be interested in our 'doings'.


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