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Forest Gate's first Polish community - 5 February 2017
Forest Gate's first Polish community were refugees fleeing persecution from Nazis and communists, at the end of WW2.  This post examines ther roots they established in the area.

Forest Gate food hygiene 2014 (2): schools, health and social care - 3 Oct 2014
The FSA hygiene ratings for public sector agencies handling food in Gorest Gate.






Life in a Forest Gate week - 16 November 2016
An listing of all weekly, organised, social events taking place in Forest Gate.




Plan B for excluded kids - 8 May 2013
Forest Gate's Ben Drew, otherwise known as Plan B launches his own charity Each One, Teach One, aimed at kids, who like himself struggled with authority in schools.



Schools' report part 1 - 21 Oct 2013
A look at the Ofsted judgments of Forest Gate's primary schools (state and independent).

Secondary schools report - 14 Nov 2013
A look at the Ofsted judgments of Forest Gate's secondary schools (state and independent).

Sound of Music from Earlham Grove - 19 Jun 2013
Development of the world famous Tonic Sol-Fa system of music education, from its origins in Earlham Grove under John Curwen.

St Antony's tops Forest Gate's junior school 2014 league table - 12 Dec 2014
A look at the Ofsted judgments of Forest Gate's secondary schools (state and independent).

Story of St Angela's school - 23 May 2016
A look at the 150+ years history of this cornerstone of high quality Catholic education in Forest Gate.


Underneath the Arches - Sub- trainian Forest Gate! - 26 April 2016
The Chimney Pot Line, or Goblin (Gospel Oak to Barking) train line was built after much of its route was densily populated.  Much of the line was built overhead, supported by railway arches.  These have traditionally been unused or used as car repairers.  






7Es of E7 - 19 Oct 2014
A round up of Education, Ecology, Energy, Entertainment, Epicurian delights, Engine and End in Forest Gate.

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