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Bike building in Forest Gate - 20 March 2014
Forest Gate was a centre of bike building at the end of the nineteenth century.  This article looks in detail at the operations of the largest local manufacturer.

Black war hero and local football pioneer: Walter Tull - 5 Jun 2013
A brief biography of Walter Tull, black ex Clapton FC footballer and WW1 war hero.

Boxing's memory lane: Walker v Mildenberger fight, March 1967 - 29 January 2016
Billy Walker lived locally for some time and was owner of the Uppercut club.  he was also British heavyweight boxer, this post looks at his European championship fight with Karl Mildenberger, and reproduces the programme for the fight.


Clapton FC ground under threat - 29 May 2013
A brief history of Upton Lane's Clapton FC, and the threat currently facing its ground, as a result of mismanagement and threats of redevelopment.

Cycling in Victorian Forest Gate - 26 March 2014
Cycling for p-leasure was a boom time past time in late Victorian England.  This post looks at its influence in Forest Gate.


Educating Arnie: The Terminator on Forest Gate - 15 July 2015
Arnold Schwarzenegger remembers his time in Forest Gate - extracts from his autobiography.


Forest Gate: hub of Victorian bike manufacture - 11 March 2014
Forest Gate was a centre of bike building at the end of the nineteenth century.  This article traces over a dozen local bike builders.


Golden Boy, Billy Walker's Forest Gate memories - 2 Sept 2014
An interview with former British heavyweight boxing champion, Billy Walker about his Forest Gate connections, including ownership of the Upper Cut club.












Save the Old Spotted Dog petition - 23 Aug 2013
Join the campaign to help save this historic, listed, but closed public house, on Upton Lane.

Spotted Dog; still under threat - 15 May 2013
A history of Upton Lane's 16th century pub, The Old Spotted Dog, and the threat to its continued existence, since closure.


Tons happening in Upton Lane - 27 July 2015
An update on the status of the Old Spotted Dog ground and the strange ownership arrangements.

Tons of history - 7 Aug 2013
History of Upton Lane's Clapton FC.



Wag Bennett's gym exhibition - 7 Jun 2013
Notice of an exhibition celebrating Wag Bennett's famous Romford Road gym.




7Es of E7 - 19 Oct 2014
A round up of Education, Ecology, Energy, Entertainment, Epicurian delights, Engine and End in Forest Gate.

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