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Clapton FC

Clapton FC Ground under ThreatThere is bad feeling and mutual distrust between the supporters and owner of Clapton FC. This blog covers the supporters' concerns about the long term future of the Upton Lane ground. (May 2013)

Old Spotted Dog ground, Upton Lane - under threat

Clapton FC: New season Approaches for TonsThis blog feature's Ton's stalwart Lew Listz's preview of the 2013 - 14 for Clapton FC. (Jul 2013)

Tons happening in Upton Lane - An update on off-field matters for Clapton FC (24 July 2015)

Anti-homophobic demonstration at
 Clapton FC - just part of the busy off
playing field side of this historic local club

Wag Bennett

Wag Bennett's Gym ExhibitionThis item advertises James Valentine's exhibition at CoffeE7 on Wag Bennett's gym. (June 2013)

Wanstead Flats

18 Full International Footballers Grace Wanstead FlatsWanstead Flats-based football club, Senrab, has had an unrivalled track record in producing international footballers - 18 and counting (11 English, and only a goal keeper away from a full team). This looks at Senrab's track record and the scandal of such an important grass roots team's financial difficulties at a time when billions slush around the higher reaches of the game.(Aug 2014)

Ex-Senrab player, and club
 funder, Chelsea captain
, John Terry

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