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Then - Trade

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Bike building in Forest Gate - 20 March 2014
Forest Gate was a centre of bike building at the end of the nineteenth century.  This article looks in detail at the operations of the largest local manufacturer.

Charles Ward: Forest Gate designer, printer and politician - 21 Nov 2014
Charles Ward was a prominent local printer and  "Municipal Alliance" (anti-Labour) councillor. He had a print shop on Woodgrange Road. This is his story, complete with examples of many of his designs.
 individuals and properties concerned.


End of an era - wood turners Brettell's leaves Chestnut Avenue - 16 October 2015 
A Huguenot family's wood turners' business, with a history stretching back to the 1830s in Hackney, closes its doors in Forest Gate for the last time.

Every picturehouse tells a story - 3 Jul 2013
History of cinema in Forest Gate.

Forest Gate's early transport history - 30 December 2015
A look at the development or early railways, and the roads that proceeded them, serving Forest Gate.

Forest Gate: hub of Victorian bike manufacture - 11 March 2014
Forest Gate was a centre of bike building at the end of the nineteenth century.  This article traces over a dozen local bike builders.

Forest Gate Industrial School fire: New Year's day 1890 - 30 May 2014
A contemporary account of the tragic fire that killed 26 youngsters in the fire at the Industrial School on Forest lane on New Year's Day 1890.

Forest Gate Industrial school - The 1890 inquest and background to its 1906 closure - 2 January 2017
An account of the inquest at the fire (see above), and details from Will Crooks biography of his and other socialists'roles in the closure of the school in 1906.

A history of the plot of land on Forest lane from the mid 1850s, when it was opened as a Poor Law Industrial school, through its subsequent life as a hospital and now a housing development (Gladys Dimson House).


George Tutill: Forest Gate resident and Trade Union banner manufacturer - 7 February 2016
The most prolific manufactures of trade union banners, George Tutill made his home in what is now the English Heritage-listed Red House on the Upton Lane.  This is his, and the house's, story.








Nod at our neighbours (4): Abbey Mills pumping station, Stratford - 30 October 2016
One of a series of articles looking at the history of places of interest near Forest Gate. This the "Cathedral of sewerage" - an architectural treat.



Pawnbrokers of Forest Gate - 10 Jul 2013
From Pawnbrokers almshouses on Woodgrange Road in the mid nineteenth century to the siting of a modern pawnbrokers on its site 150 years later.

Princess Alice - gone but not forgotten - 11 December 2015
After almost 150 years as a drinking hole, the Princess Alice and its later re-incarnations closes, and is replaced by a chain pharmacy.  Gone - but not forgotten.



Save the Old Spotted Dog petition - 23 Aug 2013
Join the campaign to help save this historic, listed, but closed public house, on Upton Lane.

Sound of Music from Earlham Grove - 19 Jun 2013
Development of the world famous Tonic Sol-Fa system of music education, from its origins in Earlham Grove under John Curwen.

Spotted Dog; still under threat - 15 May 2013
A history of Upton Lane's 16th century pub, The Old Spotted Dog, and the threat to its continued existence, since closure.

Tons of history - 7 Aug 2013
History of Upton Lane's Clapton FC.



Wag Bennett's gym exhibition - 7 Jun 2013
Notice of an exhibition celebrating Wag Bennett's famous Romford Road gym.

Woodgrange Road in 1900 - East side - 1 May 2015 Using old photos and newspaper advertisements, an illustration of how the east of Woodgrange Road would have looked at the turn of the 20th century.

Woodgrange Road in 1900 - West side - 24 April 2015
Using old photos and newspaper advertisements, an illustration of how the east of Woodgrange Road would have looked at the turn of the 20th century.





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