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This index is updated manually, usually every three months, or so.  It was last updated on 27 March 2017.  Articles appearing since that date can be accessed by scrolling down from the home page, or via the "Archives" column on the left of the home page.


Booming Woodgrange Road - 12 Jun 2013
An account of the current shopping experience on Woodgrange Road.

Clapton FC ground under threat - 29 May 2013
A brief history of Upton Lane's Clapton FC, and the threat currently facing its ground, as a result of mismanagement and threats of redevelopment.

Crossrail and Forest Gate - 5 Jan 2015
A look at what can be expected when this major railway project comes to Forest Gate in 2019.

Councillor/landlord interests in Forest Gate - 9 October 2015
A small number of local Labour councillors hold extensive portfolios of local rented properties.  This post identifies the individuals and properties concerned.

Don't dump it, donate it! - 26 Nov 2013
A great way to move on unwanted furniture, without dumping it, call Quaker Social Action, who will relocate it to local families who could use it.

Durning Hall story - 23 Feb 2015
Durning Hall on the junction of Earlham Grove and Woodgrange Road has a long history as a settlement and philanthropic organisation in Forest Gate and beyond.  This is a potted history.

End of an era - wood turners Brettell's leaves Chestnut Avenue - 16 October 2015
A Huguenot family's wood turners' business, with a history stretching back to the 1830s in Hackney, closes its doors in Forest Gate for the last time.

Food for thought from Forest Gate restaurants - 15 Oct 2014
The Food Standards Agency ratings for each of Forest Gate's restaurants and takeaways.

Food hygiene in Forest Gate - the good the bad and the urgh (1), food shops - 26 Sept 2014
The Food Standards Agency ratings for each of Forest Gate's food shops.  Some uncomfortable reading.

Food hygiene in Woodgrange Road - 30 Oct 2013
Using Food Standards Agency judgments, this post records the FSA star rating for all food establishments on Woodgrange Road.

Forest Gate health check (1) - poor General Practice - 31 August 2016
Health watchdog references for the dozen Forest Gate GP practices are examined here.

Forest Gate good (and not so) pub guide; past and present - 30 Aug 2013
The first Forrest Gate pub guide - with a unique Stellarometer, indicating drink prices at local hostelries.  History of now-closed pubs, too.

Forest Gate good booze guide 2015 - 15 Aug 2015
This website's second local drinking guide.  Huge changes, in a short period from the previous survey.  Cider features large!

Forest Gate pubs guide: 2014 - 18 Aug 2014
The site's second local pub guide, featuring new and lost drinking holes in the area.

Forest Gate's very own radio station - 17 May 2014
NuSound 92 FM broadcasts from Durning Hall - hear about bike building in Forest Gate here!

Forest Gate swings - 16 Oct 2014
Swing Patrol's inspiration, Scott Cupit is a Forest Gate resident.  This is an interview with him, and a look at the successes, locally, nationally and internationally of the organisation he founded.

Forest Gate; the chic and the shabby - 11 Feb 2014
A look at the dilapidation some of the area's most historic buildings are experiencing, while the area is experiencing "gentrification".

Forest Gate: the new Hollywood? - 18 Feb 2014
Four of Holywood's greatest talents have firm Forest Gate connections - and Alfred Hitchcock was born not too far away!

From famine to feast in E7 - 23 February 2016

An account of the remarkable transformation in the local cafe/restaurant offer in Forest Gate over a short two-year period.





The Upper Cut ran for a year. Kenny Johnson ran the Lotus Club, directly opposite it for around 50 years.  It had its highs and lows, but a great set of line ups in the 1960's.  Kenny talks about his days here.

Life in a Forest Gate week - 16 November 2016
An listing of all weekly, organised, social events taking place in Forest Gate.


New season approaches for the Tons - 20 Jul 2013
A preview of 2013/14 football season for Clapton FC.

Newham Heritage Week (24 Oct - 30 Oct) and Rabbits Road library launch (22 Oct) - 12 October 2016
A timetable of the many events taking place during Newham's first Heritage week.


Offshore Forest Gate - 13 Sept 2015
Using a great Private Eye-produced inter-active map, this post traces the Forest Gate properties owned in overseas tax havens.

On reflection - one year on - 23 April 2014
The site's first annual report - looking at what has worked and what has been less successful.

Princess Alice - gone but not forgotten - 11 December 2015
After almost 150 years as a drinking hole, the Princess Alice and its later re-incarnations closes, and is replaced by a chain pharmacy.  Gone - but not forgotten.


Radio E7! - 9 April 2014
NuSound 92 FM broadcasts from Durning Hall - hear about it here!

Railway hits the buffers - 2 May 2013
Records the closure of the Railway Tavern on Forest Lane, before its acquisition by Antic and transformation into the Forest Tavern.

Save the Old Spotted Dog petition - 23 Aug 2013
Join the campaign to help save this historic, listed, but closed public house, on Upton Lane.

Suspended Coffee - 8 May 2013
Report by Lloyd Jeans on the introduction of the Suspended Coffee scheme to CoffeE7 on Sebert Road.


Tons happening in Upton Lane - 27 July 2015
An update on the status of the Old Spotted Dog ground and the strange ownership arrangements.

Two years and counting - 17 April 2015
A second annual report from this blog, looking at what have been most and least popular articles featured.

Underneath the Arches - Sub- trainian Forest Gate! - 26 April 2016
The Chimney Pot Line, or Goblin (Gospel Oak to Barking) train line was built after much of its route was densily populated.  Much of the line was built overhead, supported by railway arches.  These have traditionally been unused or used as car repairers.  

Very poor food hygiene practice in Forest Gate (2015) - 4 November 2015
A look at the Food Standards Agency ratings for Forest Gate food shops and restaurants.

Wag Bennett's gym exhibition - 7 Jun 2013
Notice of an exhibition celebrating Wag Bennett's famous Romford Road gym.





140 -150 Earlham Grove - regeneration plans - 8 November 2016

An on-going thread on plans for the redevelopment of a brownfield site at the junction of Earlham Grove and Woodgrange Road.

24-hour Forest Gate gourmet trail - 9 April 2014
A 24-hour trip around interesting Forest Gate eateries.

39a - 49a Woodgrange Road- regeneration plans - 22 March 2016
An on-going thread on plans for the redevelopment of 10 shops and the accommodation above them in Woodgrange Road.

7Es of E7 - 19 Oct 2014
A round up of Education, Ecology, Energy, Entertainment, Epicurian delights, Engine and End in Forest Gate.

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