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7Es of E7
A look at seven E's that make Forest Gate the place that it is. Engine (drivers of development), Ecology (West Ham Park and Wanstead Flats), Entertainment (music, dance and cinemas), Education (a review of schools), Epicurian delights (recent boom in good food outlets), Energy (sport) and End (the cemeteries). (Oct 2014)
Water fountain, West Ham Park

Foodie delight

 24 Hour Forest Gate Gourmet Trail One of the upsides of the increasing gentrification of Forest Gate has been the opening of high quality food outlets. Join a 24-hour food and drink crawl around the area, and discover some delights. (April 2014)

Artemis creperie and take-away
coffee bar, outside Forest Gate station


Forest Gate - Chic and Shabby Cheek by jowl with the gentrification of Forest Gate sits the neglect of historic buildings, like the Old Spotted Dog, former Wag Bennett gym and Odeon cinema. A lament on heritage loss (February 2014)

Neglected heritage - Wag Bennett's
old gym, fire gutted

Jewish community

 The rise and decline of Forest Gate's Jewish community - a history of this community which centred on the now demolished synagogue, based on Howard Bloch's excellent book: Earlham Grove Shul (November 2013)

Exterior of old West Ham
synagogue, Earlham Grove

Local politics

Forest Gate short-changed - Examination of the non-performance of Cllr Rohima Rahman, Newham mayor, Robin Wales' £6k p.a. appointed advisor on Forest Gate (20 May 2015)

Cllr Rohima Rahman, who
 lost her sinecure soon
 after this article was published

Looking back

On Reflection (one year on) This retrospective commemorates the first year of operation of this site: looking at what worked and was popular, and what didn't and wasn't (mainly cemeteries!) (April 2014)

Forest Gate cemeteries - least
popular postings - by some distance!

Two years and counting - A reflection of what has been popular on this site in its two years of existence (17 April 2015)

Inside Wag Bennett's gym - the

 site's first and most popular post

Thanks for the memory (1) - First of two part round-up of comments made to articles published on this site, and how they have moved on the original stories (23 August 2015)

Sol-Fa Music on Earlham Grove
- Curwen's role challenged

Thanks for the memory (2) - Second of two part round-up of comments made to articles published on this site, and how they have moved on the original stories (30 August 2015)

Earlham Grove synagogue - lots of
 memories from local Jewish community

Old Spotted Dog

    Save the Old Spotted Dog - an on-line petition, produced by the local support group, seeking the salvation of this old and much loved local building (August 2013)

    Old Spotted Dog, Upton Lane
    - in need of rescue

Parking zones

Residents' Parking Zone on Woodgrange estate - the western end of Windsor and Claremont Roads became affected by a Residents' Parking Zone in June 2013.  This post provides a brief look at what Claremont Road looked like, devoid of traffic, in 1913 and how it looked on the first day of the RPZ (June 2013)

Claremont Road, after introduction
 of Residents Parking Scheme


Offshore Forest Gate - Using Private Eye research, an examination of over 20 local properties owned by tax-haven companies, whose ultimate beneficial owners are shielded from public view (13 September 2015)

City Gate House, on Romford
 Road - owned by overseas
 tax-haven property

Councillor/landlord interests in Forest Gate - Using local Green Party research, a look at how local Labour councillors control over 30 properties in Forest Gate (9 October 2015)

Cllr Noor - with undistinguished
 property ownership record


    Forest Gate pub guide - as the area hosts the new pub on the block, The Forest Tavern, this website looks at the existing local pubs, past and present and speculates on how they will fare with competition from the new gastro pub (August 2013)

Forest Gate Tavern, Godwin Road

FG Good Booze guide - 2015 - Annual round-up of the state of drinking establishments, and their offers in the area (15 August 2015)

How did the Forest Tavern
fare in this pub round-up?

 Recycling charity

    Don't dump it, donate it - A feature on Maryland-based charity, Homestore, which will pick up good, unwanted furniture and ensure it goes to a needy family, locally (November 2013)

Unwanted goods? Here' s a home

Street names

Ye Olde Forreste Gate


Crossrail will be coming to Forest Gate in 2017, and will lead to more economic development within the area. This article looks at what to expect, in terms of train frequency, ease of access to major destinations, and improvements in and around the local station. (Jan 2015) 

Artist's impression of approach to Forest Gate
 station, once Crossrail comes to town


Updates on previous blogs Newly discovered information on four previous postings, relating to: The Industrial School Fire (1890), Forest Gate Cinemas, Wag Bennett and Arnie Schwarzenegger, and the Upper Cut Club. (Nov 2014) 

Hear Radio London advert, promoting
 The Upper Cut club, the week
 before the station is closed

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