Plan B for Excluded kids

Wednesday 8 May 2013

Forest Gate's Ben Drew, Plan B as he is best known in the music world, launched his own charity Each One Teach One Trust at Hackney's Chat's Place on Tuesday night. Our photographer, Lloyd Jeans, was there to record the event.

Plan B: Keep Calm!
The charity describes itself as:
The University of Alternative Learning. It is not a physical place, but a way of thinking. It is an innovative movement of dedicated groups of people who will help us create opportunities and enable positive, long term changes in the lives of young people. We work with inspiring individuals to give young people new skills to increase their confidence and improve their chances in life. We provide a fresh approach to addressing these problems and believe in the potential of every young person.

Ben Drew at launch of EOTO

There are lots of details, video clips of Ben and his aspirations on the charity's website: Why not give it a look?

Inspired and inspirors at EOTO launch
Meanwhile, here is a photo of Ben twenty years ago, at his first football match at Selhurst Park, home to the mighty Crystal Palace. He is with then Palace player, and England international Geoff Thomas, and his school friend, big Eagles fan and now New York resident, Owen Walker. 

Leukaemia survivor, Geoff, has himself been an inspiration to many, as visitors to the Geoff Thomas Foundation can see.

Geoff Thomas, with Ben Drew and Owen Walker, circa 1985

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