Golden Boy, Billy Walker's, Forest Gate memories

Tuesday 2 September 2014

 E7-NowAndThen recently caught up with ex-British  heavyweight boxer, Billy Walker, and chatted to him about his Upper Cut club, and other memories of Forest Gate.

Those were the days - Billy with
some old club memorabilia
He was born in Stepney in 1939 and was evacuated to Bedfordshire during the war.  The family moved to Ilford, on their return to London in 1946.  Billy remembers the house as being haunted - not surprising, perhaps, as it was where Percy Thomson, who was murdered by his wife and her lover in 1922 had lived (see here for the story).

Haunted house - 41 Kensington Gardens, Ilford
On leaving school, he had a number of jobs, including as a fish porter at Billingsgate market and a part-time role as a bouncer at the old Ilford Palais, within walking distance from his home.  Here he worked with DJ Jimmy Savile ("I don't remember any of that dodgy stuff from him, then"). He also met Kenny Johnson, who went on to run the Lotus Club, on Woodgrange Road (watch out for a future blog for the story of Kenny and that club), at the Palais.

By the mid 1950's Billy's brother, George was a professional boxer, and was pushing a reluctant Billy to join him in the fight game.

Black Lion pub, Plaistow - home of West Ham Boxing
Club, at the rear, a favoured training venue for Billy
Ten of Billy's 39 amateur bouts took place at what was West Ham Baths, later known as the recently demolished Atherton Suite in Romford Road. He kept fit in an early Wag Bennett gym, in East Ham, and fought with the West Ham boxing club, based at the Black Lion pub, in Plaistow, and in what was then the White Lion pub (now the Mango Indian restaurant) in Green Street.

Recently demolished Atherton Suite,
formerly West Ham baths, location of
a third of Billy amateur bouts
With these local connections, it was hardly surprising that Billy found his way to the Lotus Ballroom in the late 50s and early 60's, to "jive and pick up the birds".

He also worked for a while as a security guard at a garage his brother George had, in New Barn Lane, Plaistow, and was a regular in the Army and Navy pub next door (where the older regulars still remember him and his German shepherd dogs fondly). The petrol station is now a scrap yard (see photo).

Former Punch Petrol station, New Barn Lane, close to
the Black Lion, where Billy worked as a security guard
for his brother George's garage - now a scrap yard.
Billy tuned professional, as a boxer in 1962 and soon became a national sporting icon, as the 'blond bomber'.  In his six years as a professional, he challenged for both the British and Commonwealth (against Henry Cooper) and European titles (both of which he lost), recording 21 wins, 8 losses and two draws.

His brother George had had his scrapes with the law (including a short spell in Wormwood Scrubs for theft) and mixed with some of East London's shadier characters of the time, but had a shrewd eye for money making opportunities.
As Billy's manager, he "took care of the business", and set up a number of profitable ventures, including a property empire and a fast food chain (Billy's Baked Potato).  The Upper Cut club, on Woodgrange Road was part of that business portfolio (for twelve months, from December 1966).

Billy in the centre of this grainy photo,
where Stratford Express covered the opening
party of the Upper Cut., December 1966
There was already a pop culture/"youth scene" in the area, thanks to Kenny Johnson's Lotus Club, across the road.  When the old Forest Gate skating rink became available, Kenny looked to acquire it and move the Lotus Club there.  But the Walker brothers stepped in and took the lease, for their own club.

Billy with the opening week's gig list
Billy says that he left George, and others, to take care of the Upper Cut (and his money), but went along, occasionally, for profile raising purposes and photo opportunities.  He was certainly  too preoccupied to attend the club's biggest night, when the Stax tour, starring Otis Redding appeared there on 18 March 1967 ( see here, for details), as it was just three nights before his biggest fight, against Karl Mildenberger, for the European championship, at Wembley (which he lost).

Billy, remembering the famous Jimi gig
Billy has clear recollections of two of the bands and gigs at the club.  The venue was opened on 21 December 1966 by The Who (see here for details). He is still in touch with Roger Daltry of the band, who continues to remind him of how mean the club were, when it came to rewarding those who played there, describing Billy as being "a tight bastard" for only paying The Who £20 for the opening night gig!
Forner White Hart on Green Street, once a well
known local gym where Billy worked out, as
did former Olympic boxing champion, Terry Spinks
The Animals were due to play the club the following week, but there was a hitch with the arrangements. Billy recalls that he had recently been at a party and had met a girl, who he'd taken home, for the night.  A couple of days before the Animals gig, Billy got a phone call from his brother, George, demanding that he rang the band's lead singer, Eric Burdon, and apologise to him.  "Why?", asked Billy, "Because the girl was Burdon's, and he wants an apology, or the group won't turn up and play" Billy duly made the call, the gig took place, but Billy and Eric have not exchanged Christmas cards, since.

"Baby let me take you home",
performed by Billy Walker and not
Eric Burdon, far left, of the Animals
The club lasted only twelve months, as attendances dropped, acts upped their charges, and neighbours and police complained about local disturbances. Almost a year to the day after the opening, the almost inevitable happened - the music venue became a bingo club.

Billy recalling the Stax gig, when he
was training for his European title fight.
Billy retired from boxing a couple of years later, but soon fell out with George.  Billy wanted a quiet life, so he moved to Jersey (where he has lived most of the time, since) and George wished to pursue an aggressive business career and use Billy as his front man/PR opportunity.

Roger Daltry of the Who says those fists of Billy's
were tight, when it came to paying
George went on to create the huge Brent Walker property/entertainment conglomerate, until its spectacular fall, into bankruptcy, in 1990.  The two brothers made up, a little before George's death in 2011.

Billy got his quiet life, although had misfortune with his first two marriages before marrying a local Forest Gate woman, Pat Furuborg, as his third wife.  The couple lived off Romford Road for a couple of years in the late 1990s, until moving to the Essex coast, until Pat's death, of cancer in 2003.
Billy now lives, in happy retirement with the delightful Susan Stevens, his fourth wife, in Jersey.  The couple also have a pleasant riverside flat in Battersea, which they visit occasionally. They wish all their friends and former acquaintances in Forest Gate well.

Upper Cut today: but 'No Regrets'
from latter day Walker Brothers
Further details of Billy's career and life can be found in his autobiography (ghosted by Robin McGibbon) When the gloves came off, published by Robson Books in 2007. 

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  1. I saw Prince Buster there, sometime in (I think) early 1967.
    Also saw Chris Farlowe - he wore a purple velvet double breasted jacket!
    Wanted to see the Vibrations there, but none of my mates fancied it & I was blowed if I'd go on my own!

  2. hi billy barry ewing i open alot of your baked potatoe resturants and the towerroom where iwas chef and done your wedding

  3. hi billy they were good days i live in new zealand barry

  4. Hi Billy, I remember back in the day watching you train at Blue House Farm in Pitsea. I was there the day Sonny Liston turned up. Awesome !!!!!!!

  5. Remember the Garage well. Always hoped to see Billy go far
    By the way the Garage was in New Barn Street not labe

  6. Hi Billy always remember the accaishions I was you're driver when you lived in Lightwater hangs taking to your favourite restaurant ect and bringing you home half pissed do you remember when you were jokingly Shadow Boxing with me
    Ha ha and I was singing
    Bill Don't Be A Hero
    Great times mate never forget you and the lady
    Best regards to you both
    Nobby now living in portagal retired at age 83.

  7. Hi, Nobby,
    I sent your message to Billy and Susan, and they asked me to reply: "Yes we do remember him! I think he used to drive for Tom Jones. Thank you for sharing. Hope you are well. Perhaps you’d be kind enough to give him our best wishes". Cheers. John

  8. I have just recived this e.mail:
    Hi there,
    My Mum and Dad worked with Billy Walker in the early days in the print at Drays in Barking.My dads name was Tony Skingsley and my mums name was Mavis Love.My aunt and Uncle also worked with him Frank Cowen and Lily Love also Ron Bassett.
    I wonder he if he still remembers them my dad often spoke of him.
    Thanks for your time.
    Anthony Skingsley

  9. Hi billy do you remember a man called Tarzan big man black hair

  10. Billy do you remember Lenny Russell mate

  11. Yer Lenny Russell was quality

  12. does anybody remember a cousin called Alice walker

  13. Good old Ilford pally days…

  14. Hi billy, it’s the man who kept your garden tidy, you also turn up at my 60th birthday 17 year ago happy Xmas billy Tull

  15. Hi
    Good old Ilford pala Golden Days when my friend and I first met you,
    you were a bouncer then together with Lee…how time flys….
    As an invite from you My sister and I visited you once at your home in Jersey.
    Kind regards

  16. Omg what a trip down memory lane I used to go to the upper cut club with a guy who worked for NME … such good days.

  17. Anyone remember the songs Billy himself recorded?

  18. Hi Billy…hope all is well…you and I first met at the Ilford palace many years ago….good luck for the future


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