Forest Gate schools’ Ofsted ratings – now and then

Monday 15 April 2024

We have previously reported on the Ofsted ratings of Forest Gate schools (2015, 2013) This post presents the latest ratings of all of E7’s 18 schools (state, maintained and independent) and highlights some trends – mainly the level or upward trajectory of judgements and the increased academisation and bringing into trusts of some of the previously stand alone schools.

After a simple statement of the Ofsted record of each of the local schools over the last decade and a half we present a brief summary of trends in local schools.

There are a total of 18 schools located within the E7 post code: eight state primaries, one Roman Catholic primary, one Church of England primary, and three independent (Moslem-based) primaries. There are two state secondaries, two Roman Catholic secondary and one independent (Moslem-based) secondary. The Ofsted judgements on each are as follows:

State primary

Earlham Primary – Earlham Grove

Was a stand alone primary school until 2017, when it converted to becoming a member of the EKO Trust, which embraces three other primary schools in Newham, together with schools in Hackney, Dagenham and Ipswich.

Latest rating: Outstanding (July 2023).

Previous rating, as an academy: December 2019: Good.

Previous ratings as a stand alone primary: October 2013: Good. October 2008: Good. 

Elmhurst Primary – Upton Park Road

Was a stand alone primary school until March 2018, when it became part of the New Vision Trust, along with four other schools in Newham and Ilford.

Latest rating: Outstanding (November 2021).

Previous ratings (as a stand alone school): July 2010: Outstanding. October 2006: Outstanding.

Godwin Junior – Cranmer Road

Latest rating: Good (January 2024).

Previous ratings: November 2023: Good. May 2018: Good. June 2014: Good. May 2009: Good. June 2006: Outstanding.

Odessa Infants – Wellington Road

Latest rating: Good (May 2020).

Previous ratings: March 2020: Good. May 2016: Good. October 2013: Requires improvement. December 2008: Good. November 2005: Good. 

Sandringham Primary – Sandringham Road

Latest rating: Outstanding (November 2023).

Previous ratings: May 2017: Outstanding. July 2013: Good. April 2010: Good. May 2007: Good. 

Shaftesbury Primary – Shaftesbury Road

Was a stand alone primary school until April 2018, when it became part of the Boleyn Trust, joining up with seven other Newham primary schools.

Latest rating: Outstanding (November 2021).

Previous ratings (all as a stand alone school): March 2016: Outstanding. October 2013: Requires improvement. January 2012: Satisfactory. May 2009: Satisfactory. June 2006: Good.

William Davies Primary school – Stafford Road

Latest rating: Good (December 2021).

Previous ratings: November 2016: Good. March 2012: Good. May 2009: Good. July 2006: Good.

Woodgrange Infants – Sebert Road

Latest rating: Good (December 2019).

Previous ratings: January 2016: Good. April 2014: Good. May 2011, Good. June 2008: Good

 RC primary

St Antony’s RC Primary – Upton Avenue

Was a stand alone RC primary school until September 2020, when it became part of the Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy Trust, where it is joined with five other Newham RC primary schools.

Latest rating (as part of the Trust): Outstanding (July 2023).

Previous ratings (all as stand alone school). Januray 2018: Good. February 2013: Good. September 2009: Satisfactory. February 2007: Satisfactory.

 CofE primary

St James CofE Primary – Tower Hamlets Road

Latest rating: Good (March 2023).

Previous ratings: June 2017: Good. January 2013: Good. June 2010: Satisfactory. June 2008: Satisfactory. February 2007: Inadequate. 

 Independent primary

Madaniyah Foundation (independent Muslim  primary school) – Stafford Road

Latest rating: Good (May 2023).

Previous ratings: November 2018: Good. September 2016: Inadequate. March 2012: Satisfactory. January 2009: Satisfactory.

Quwwat Ul Islam Girls School (independent, 4-16 years) – Chaucer Road

Latest rating: June 2022, Requires improvement.

Previous ratings: June 2022: Requires improvement. February 2020: Inadequate. April 2018: Good. January 2014: Good. September 2010: Good. November 2007: Good.

Zakariya Primary (independent primary) – 447-451 Romford Road

Latest rating: Inadequate (November 2023).

Previous ratings: March 2023: Inadequate. May 2021: Requires improvement. February 2019: Inadequate. July 2017: Inadequate. 

 State secondary

Forest Gate Community School – Forest Lane

Was a stand alone school until October 2016, when it was established as part of a Community Schools Trust, where it is currently grouped with Cumberland Community School in Newham, three schools and academies in Hackney and a Technical College in Norfolk.

Latest rating: Outstanding (February 2022).

Previous ratings (as a part of Trust): December 2021: Outstanding.

Previous ratings (as a stand alone school): February 2016: Outstanding. December 2013: Requires Improvement. September 2009: Good. October 2006: Good.

Stratford School Academy (secondary) – Upton Lane

Until February 2012 known as Stratford School. Since that time it has been converted to Stratford School Academy. It is not part of a larger trust.

Latest rating: Good (October 2022).

Previous ratings: May 2017: Good. March 2014: Good. March 2011: Good. April 2008: Good.

 RC secondary

St Angela’s Ursuline School (secondary) – St George’s Road

Latest rating: Outstanding (December 2022).

Previous ratings: November 2022: Outstanding. March 2009: Outstanding. 

December 2005: Outstanding.

St Bonaventures (RC boys secondary) – Boleyn Road

Latest rating: Outstanding (November 2022).

Previous ratings: March 2009: Outstanding. February 2006: Outstanding.

 Indpendent secondary

Azhar Academy Girls School (independent secondary) Romford Road

Latest rating: Outstanding (July 2023).

Previous ratings: March 2022: Outsanding. March 2018 Good. March 2016: Good. February 2014: Good. October 2010: Satisfactory. November 2007: Satisfactory. 

 Trends in judgements over the last decade

Currently, three of the eight state primary schools are rated “outstanding”, along with the sole Roman Catholic primary, St Antony’s. The only Church of England primary, St James’, joins the other five state primaries in holding a judgement of being “Good”.

There is a more mixed, and lower, judgement generally on the three independent (Moslem) primaries: one is judged “Good”, another “Requires improvement” and the third (which is currently facing a considerable redevelopment) is rated “Inadequate”.

Four of Forest Gate’s five secondaries are currently rated “Outstanding” and the fifth – Stratford – is rated “Good”.

Overall, Forest Gate’s 18 schools have been on a level, or upward trajectory over the last decade or so, as far as Ofsted judgements are concerned.

Over that period a third (six) have improved their Ofsted judgement and the remaining two thirds(12) have maintained theirs. No local school has slipped backwards in terms of the judgements from where they were then.

The only two of 18 Forest Gate schools with a poorer than “Good” rating are two of the three fee-paying Islamic primary schools. The fees for those are: Quwwat Ul Islam (fees £3,025 - £3,335 p.a,) – currently “Requires improvement” and Zakariya (fees £2,880 p.a.) – currently “Inadequate”.


Four (Earlham, Elmhurst, Shaftesbury and St Antony’s) of the 10 state and maintained primary schools have entered an academy chain over the last six or so years. Three of them have improved their Ofsted grading from “Good” to “Outstanding” over that period.

One of the two state secondary schools (Forest Gate Community) has joined an academy trust over the period, its Ofsted judgement (“Outstanding”) has remained unaltered.

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