Residents' Parking Zone - Claremont and Windsor Roads

Monday 24 June 2013

A new Residents' Parking Zone scheme was introduced from 9am today (24 June 2013) at western end of Windsor and Claremont Roads, following residents' consultation 18 months ago.  

Early days (minutes!)yet, but a brilliant success, so far, as the following photos illustrate.

Claremont Road, 9am Monday 
24 June 2013, as the Residents' 
Parking Zone comes into effect.
Claremont Road, c 1913
Conservation in action!  Well done to Newham Council for this. A long time in coming, but well worth the effort.

Just the street drinkers on Woodgrange/Claremont Roads to sort out now - if the "community" police officers get round to noticing something 200 metres from their office - and you will be listening to residents' concerns.

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